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We watched some shows in our browser, and used NaviX to fill in the gaps.

Apps still worked, for the most part, and local playback was still decent. Months went by, autumn wound down; Boxee users grew impatient. Then, right around Christmas, Boxee released a new, bug-ridden version for Linux, Mac and Windows only to also announce this was the final desktop version ever to be released: This makes sense.

Still, a total lack of updates leaves me feeling betrayed. uses cookies.

I, and the large number of Boxee early adopters, sincerely felt like we were part of the team. We tested the software, provided feedback and helped promote the platform. Boxee kept releasing clever hacks to keep Hulu working for free, and promised they would always do that. Boxee was the recreational program I used more than anything else. Not this time. The 1. Support for Netflix, Hulu and more are dropped from the desktop version, meaning I need to turn to NaviX to watch many movies and shows.

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None of these bugs would be a huge problem if updates were coming. Because I have a computer hooked up to my TV, which I use for a lot more than just media.

I play games on it with a couple of joysticks, share files from it to my other computers and use it to test lots of different software. Why not add a Boxee Box as well? That may be the case. I get it. I should have done that months ago. Yes, the interface is harder to use.


If you're Read More. Feel free to let me know your thoughts about Plex below. The Boxee team said it all: I understand the sentiment, but will miss Boxee. You did web video well before you needed to make money, and standing up to big companies and hacking to keep stuff working is what made that great. Oh well, there are lots of new programs to try out with lots of clever programmers. Can you think of something else I need to play with? Give me your thoughts in the comments below, because this recovering Boxee user needs ideas.

Explore more about: Your email address will not be published. I installed plex because of this post and all I have to say is why didn't I start using plex a long time ago.

It is much better than boxee and offers more applications and customizations. Yeah, Pllex is a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy it. It's sad we had to move on from Boxee, but it's great finding worthy alternatives.

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Don't forget to check out our Plex manual:. Boxee has been revived for the PC. While the app is no longer being supported by Team Boxee, some people have picked up where "Team Boxee" left off, and a new version of Boxee for the PC v1. Don't waste time contacting Team Boxee for Support as you will not get heard, but just refer to the following post for guidance if required http: I think MythTV is a good answer and it's free. I agree with you on Boxee. It is time to move on.

First off, Justin good job writing this, I just forwarded it to most people in my department. From Official Kodi Wiki.

Accessing network media with Boxee, Plex, and XBMC

Jump to: On the left, under Service, select "File Sharing" and check the box to turn it On. Under the Shared folders option, press the plus sign to select which folder you want to share on the network. You will need to share the whole folder that holds the media files, rather than individual files. Below, check the boxes of any accounts you want to give SMB access to you probably want the "guest" account to have access then click Done.

Windows Sharing should now show as "On" with a green light next to it. Add folders, users and permissions in the boxes below. Retrieved from " https: