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This will be an issue for scientific users who need the extra data insurance of ECC memory, but it's not necessary—and it's actually slower—for creative content users. If a rare bit flips in a cancer cell growth sim, that's a big problem. There's no equivalent for a video editor or 3D renderer. This situation may frustrate a few scientific users, but a Mac Pro is a terrible proposition for a cost-effective GPU number cruncher—that need will always be better served by a headless Linux machine or a cluster whose sole function is to process data.


If you've ever used a GPU renderer, or something else that completely saturates your GPU when processing, you'll know that it makes your interface almost completely unusable at the same time—this is what Nvidia's Maximus technology was designed to address. Many applications will need to be updated to address both cards but some work already:. This brings up my only gripe with how the cards are handled by OpenCL: It's only by enabling them one at a time in Luxmark and feeling the OS GUI slow down that you can get an idea of which is which. Ideally, they would have prefixes like "Display: Too many people assume that more is better for GPUs for all types of work.

I saw a guy on a forum say that he was going to get the D for InDesign and Photoshop. You don't need that, and you will literally never notice a difference between the D or the more powerful cards in those applications.

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This could be because of a frequency delta for the core clock. On the W it specs at MHz core clock speed.

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Perhaps on the D it runs at ? D is a Tahiti-based GPU.

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Could this again be because of core clock differences? If your question is about an order you've already placed please use our eMessage system to contact our customer service team. Latest Discussions Kevin P. Also note that OS X still has no bit 10 bits per channel color output, which is supported by the FirePro cards in Windows and Linux. The most likely reason for the rebranding is that the clocks are slightly lower than the nearest retail workstation equivalent card, and none of the Mac Pro FirePros have ECC memory.

Amazon has the FirePro W at 3, The D is a bit harder. What we know for certain is it too is Tahiti-based. Because this is also a Tahiti-based unit it could be based on the W or the W, though its memory bus is matched to the W Here are the key specs:.

The D on a teraflop rank basis is just slightly more powerful than the Pitcairn-based W, the third best ranked FirePro card. But as we said above it is a Tahiti-based GPU. And in terms of streaming processors it ranks closer to the W than the W Apple seems to have cleverly balanced various performance metrics to create an upper-mid level workstation class option while decreasing streaming processors down to , decreasing VRAM 4 GB down to 3 GB and possibly frequency on the core clock to result in a slightly less teraflop-performing mid-level option.

The result is a reasonable price increase over the D for this Tahiti-based D Amazon has the W retailing at 1, Apple is providing roughly two of these or just about 2, But because of the strategic decreases as noted above the real value Apple is providing may be much closer to just under 2 grand.

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Essential key specs include:. The D provides 2 teraflops of single precision compared to 2. But no matter where you buy your RAM from, just make sure it isn't Apple. I'm running through Fusion VMWare. I need to figure out how to fix the graphics card s issue that has me ready to jump off the deep end If you exit the sketch, they're visible, when you go to edit the sketch they disappear. Pretty much a show stopper. I wish I could run in bootcamp, but you can only use windows 8 without having to do 20 steps and that's taboo around here.

A pro with serious workstation needs reviews Apple’s 2013 Mac Pro

I did not have that problem on my MccBook Pro with Parrallels. Admittedly way out of date comparison though. Interestingly I did a speed check a while ago and ended up right in the middle of the list, for all installations. I hated Windows 8, but now running 8. It removes all the things your hate about Win8, and the machine is pretty powerful now. BootCamp all the way! I am having a terrible time setting it up so it is readable. VMware wants to re-scale to retina display.

Win and solidworks end up and tiny, huge real estate but not really workable. The reasons are numerous There is not much concerning this topic so it made it hard to pull the trigger for a new Mac Pro.

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I am now running Solidworks under Windows 8. The sad part is if it wasn't for Solidworks I would not be running Windows. Mac OS X is not perfect but Windows is really archaic. I am in the same boat as Matt and Wytze.


Dual AMD FirePro™ D-series GPUs power the new Apple Mac Pro and When coupled with the dual workstation-class AMD FirePro™ S-series GPUs with up. They hear it has two AMD FirePro Graphics cards and can drive up to three 4K aside, the new Mac Pro is pretty standard as far high-end workstations go.

I have a shiny new Mac Pro workstation mainly because my company runs solely on Apple products. I am one of the few that is forced to run Windows due to Solidworks. Thinking I could get some better performance out of the Mac Pro I went ahead an upgraded. After the initial install, I opened up a large assembly about parts and so far I am unimpressed. The machine almost seems slower than the original iMac.

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Matt or Wytze are you using the same configuration? Is Solidworks running optimally on your machines? I was hoping to get the RealView graphics in this configuration, were you able to get this feature with your hardware? Sorry for the delay.

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I moved from a bootcamp install to running Windows 7 on VMWare fusion. RealView ran well on the bootcamp install but I use the Mac side so much that I decided to try the virtual machine setup that I had been running since