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Navigating the Interface and Viewing Workbooks. While it can often seem complicated and daunting, navigating the Excel interface isn't all that difficult. This course will show you how to move around the Excel interface using a variety of keys on your keyboard, and by using menu and ribbon commands. The course also covers the ways in which you can view and arrange workbooks and worksheets and explores how you can access Excel's Help features.

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Navigating the Interface and Viewing Workbooks navigate the Excel interface get Help on Excel tasks or commands change your view of a worksheet work with windows in Excel work with panes in Excel navigate the Excel interface alter the worksheet view use windows and panes to view different parts of a worksheet Duration: Word for Mac Word for Mac is the newest version of Microsoft's word processing tool for the Mac platform. It offers a streamlined interface and features that allow you to create attractive and engaging documents. And if you don't want to start your document with a blank white page, you can easily choose from a variety of templates using the Word Document Gallery.

This course explores these topics and many other basics of using Word , including opening the application, creating new documents, opening documents, basic text editing, and an introduction to the many tools that will help you create and edit your documents. Microsoft Word for Mac Getting Started recognize tasks you can perform in Word launch the Word application and open a new blank document recognize the main Word interface elements perform basic Word tasks using interface elements recognize where to find basic font formats in Word apply text formatting recognize the different ways to select text in Word documents launch Word and open a new blank document open a new template and increase the document area select text and apply formatting using the Home tab format fonts using the font dialog box Duration: Formatting and Working with Text.

Word for Mac makes it easy to apply layout and style to documents by providing a variety of formatting options. This course explains how to copy and paste text while retaining the formatting from the source location, along with how to apply attractive styles from the Styles gallery, and arrange text through paragraph justification and line spacing. In addition, the creation of page borders, and bulleted and numbered lists are demonstrated. Any individuals and business users with basic computer literacy.

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Formatting and Working with Text copy and paste text, formatting, and objects recognize how to undo and redo actions in Word apply styles in Word align text, format line spacing, and split text into columns apply borders and shading to paragraphs create a list sort text items in a list format a paragraph copy and paste text and formats apply a style create a multi-level list Duration: Structuring and Organizing Documents. Microsoft Word for Mac provides many intuitive options for structuring your documents quickly and easily. This course demonstrates how to set margins and indents so your document uses proper page and paragraph spacing.

If you're creating large documents with many pages, you might want to add page numbers to make your information easy to locate. The course explores how to add page numbers along with other structural components that can guide your formatting decisions, such as page and section breaks, headers, and footers. Structuring and Organizing Documents change how Word inserts automatic page breaks use section breaks in Word change margins in Word create indents in Word add professional touches to Word documents using predefined document elements add custom page numbering to Word documents adjust margins and indents in a Word for Mac document insert a section break and apply custom page numbering add professional touches to a document Duration: Moving Around a Document.

Word for Mac offers a variety of intuitive navigation features that help you move around and find your way through documents, whether they're a few pages or hundreds of pages long! This course explores basic navigation features such as scrollbars and built-in tools such as the Sidebar. The Sidebar combines features of the Document Map, thumbnails, Reviewing pane, and Search features found in earlier versions of Word for Mac into one, easy-to-use interface.

The course also demonstrates how to use a variety of different views in Word including Full Screen, and explains the views so you know when to use each one to suit your needs. Moving Around a Document navigate through a Word document using interface features use the sidebar in Word recognize the features of the Word sidebar navigate in Full Screen view recognize the features available in Notebook layout browse a document by comments use the sidebar to navigate with headings and review changes optimize the reading experience in Word Duration: Adding and Formatting Images.

In an effort to make our text clear and organized, we sometimes neglect the overall attractiveness of our documents. The course focuses on the processes and tools that allow you to add pictures, Clip Art, photos, and SmartArt to your documents. It also explores drawing components such as shapes, WordArt, and text boxes. Adding and Formatting Images insert pictures, photos, and clip art format photos, pictures, or clip art insert and format shapes insert and format WordArt work with text boxes insert and format a SmartArt graphic in Word insert and format a photo add WordArt and style it insert and format a SmartArt graphic Duration: Creating and Formatting Tables.

Word for Mac has a robust set of tools that allow you to create, style, and format tables in your documents. This course explores the various methods of inserting tables in Word documents, including drawing a table by hand, choosing a table size by selecting a layout from a dynamic grid, and by configuring table settings to match the number of columns and rows that you require. It also discusses using table styles to enhance the appearance of tables and changing the layout of tables.

Creating and Formatting Tables create a table in Word identify different ways to insert a table in Word apply a style to a table modify table rows and columns modify a table's settings, cell size, and alignment create a table in a given example format a table's style modify a table's layout Duration: Saving, Printing, and Spellchecking.

Word for Mac offers a variety of features that enable you to finalize your documents, including various saving and printing options. It also includes a spelling and grammar check tool that helps you to avoid embarrassing mistakes in your documents before sharing them with others.

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Once you're ready to share your work, you can e-mail your documents as attachments, share through SkyDrive, or use a SharePoint site for collaboration. This course explores these features so you can save, print, proof, and share your files using Word for Mac Saving, Printing, and Spellchecking save a Word document in a different format save a Word document change the default save options in Word preview and print a Word document check spelling and grammar automatically as you type run the spelling and grammar checker in Word share a document check a document for spelling and grammar save the document as a different file type print a Word document share a document Duration: Previous Microsoft Office users, including business customers and individual Office users who plan on upgrading to Office , will be candidates for this training.

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Creating Resources in Project The people who do the work, the materials and equipment you require to perform the work, and the money you need to fund the work are all vital project resources. As a project manager, you should understand how to work with resource information in Project so you can efficiently plan and manage your resources. This course covers entering and configuring resource information, including people, generic resources, materials, and cost resources. This course also covers how to sort and organize items in a resource sheet. Individuals involved in managing projects who have basic computer literacyObjectives: Creating Resources in Project match resource types with corresponding examples organize project resources enter work resources in Project configure resource availability in Project enter material resources in Project enter cost resources in Project create a resource pool for a project Duration: Managing Resource Assignments with Project Good project management requires the ability to organize resources based on their availability, cost and consumption rates, and how many are required to complete each task.

This course lays a foundation for understanding effort-driven scheduling and how Project uses resource assignment information to perform scheduling calculations. It also covers how to assign various types of resources to tasks in your project, and how to modify cost rate tables for your resources in order to accurately capture and report project costs.

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Managing Resource Assignments with Project recognize how assigning additional resources to a task affects scheduling identify the scheduling formula recognize how task types affect a project when resource assignments are updated use the task entry table for resource assignments use the Assign Resources dialog box for resource assignments recognize the procedure for assigning a material resource to a task change the cost rate table used for a resource assignment perform resource assignments given a scenario Duration: Monitoring Schedule Performance with Project Once project planning is complete, the actual project work begins.

Your job as a project manager is to diligently track the progress of this work so that if schedule slippage occurs, you can make adjustments and manage the remaining work effectively. This course covers setting and maintaining project baselines, which are used to compare the planned work with actual work. This course also covers the procedure for updating project progress at the task level in order to track variance, as well as rescheduling incomplete work when an unanticipated work interruption occurs. Monitoring Schedule Performance with Project set and maintain project baselines update a project schedule with actual duration values match scheduling terminology used in Project with corresponding definitions interpret the results of an in-progress schedule check reschedule work that is not yet started using Project split a task in a Project schedule set and update a project baseline update a project schedule set a new start date for work that is not yet started Duration: Communicating Project Information with Project It's been said that communication is the single most important factor in the success or failure of a project.

And it's not only what you communicate, but how you format your communications to ensure they are clear, concise, and targeted to your audience. This course introduces the different reporting options you have within Project , including how to create and print standard reports and how to report project information using the Timeline view. This course also introduces techniques for adding graphics to reports. Communicating Project Information with Project create a standard report using Project print a project report apply text formatting options to a report add graphics to a project use the Timeline as a reporting tool in Project customize the Gantt chart view create and format a customized standard report use the Timeline view to create a project report create a customized report with graphics using the Gantt Chart view Duration: Advanced Customizing with Project A well set up project file is essential to the success of a project.

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The advanced project file customizations available in Project can simplify many project management tasks, saving you time, and increasing the effectiveness of project analysis and reporting tools throughout the life of your project. This course covers how to customize default options, add new tabs and groups to the Ribbon, and add new buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar. You will also learn how to import or export a customized Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar so that project team members can share and enjoy consistent user interface customizations.

This course also covers how to create custom fields that contain specially formatted task and resource data, such as formulas, graphical indicators, and outline codes that meet the unique needs of your project. Individuals familiar with basic project concepts who wish to use Microsoft Project at an advanced levelObjectives: Advanced Customizing with Project recognize how to set advanced project options to perform given calculations customize the Quick Access toolbar in Project customize the Ribbon in Project create a custom field in Project create custom outline codes for a project order the steps of the procedure for creating custom outline codes customize settings and user interface in a project file create custom fields for a project Duration: Most project managers in today's workplace are required to juggle many projects at the same time.

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CNRS, http: Presses de l'Enssib, avril DerickImaky wrote: Superadmin kitbrandn Hello everyone! Advanced Tools for Managing Multiple Projects with Project create a resource pool in Project maintain resource information for projects that share a resource pool create a master project plan recognize when to use the consolidated projects feature in Project create dependencies between tasks in separate project files create a resource pool create a master plan that contains projects that are linked by dependent tasks update resource information for projects that share a resource pool Duration:

The ability to efficiently monitor and adjust resources and task assignments is critical for the successful management of multiple projects. This course covers tools for managing multiple, related project files so that you can see the big picture relationships between your projects. Consolidating resources and task assignments allows you to prevent over-allocation or under-allocation, view cumulative resource costs across multiple projects, and integrate schedules so that dependent tasks across projects flow smoothly.

This course covers the process for creating a master project that consolidates related projects into single project file, how to create and update a resource pool, and how to create a cross-project dependencies between tasks. Advanced Tools for Managing Multiple Projects with Project create a resource pool in Project maintain resource information for projects that share a resource pool create a master project plan recognize when to use the consolidated projects feature in Project create dependencies between tasks in separate project files create a resource pool create a master plan that contains projects that are linked by dependent tasks update resource information for projects that share a resource pool Duration: Advanced Resource Management with Project An important ingredient in managing projects is the ability to easily identify potential resource issues and the impact they could have on the overall project schedule.

This course covers advanced resource and scheduling adjustments, such as how to delay task start dates and apply predetermined work contours to manage assignments. You will also become familiar with Team Planner, a graphical view that allows you to view and adjust work assignments with drag-and-drop action. This course also includes several methods for leveling resources and correcting overallocation issues, including Project's built-in resource leveling tool. Advanced Resource Management with Project delay the start of a task apply a work contour to an assignment recognize how to modify resource assignments using the Team Planner use strategies to adjust resource assignments in Project determine the appropriate method for dealing with a given resource overallocation use the resource leveling tool in Project use Leveling Gantt view to assess results of resource leveling level resources for a project Duration: Advanced Scheduling Management with Project Ongoing inspection and adjustment of the project plan is vital to address impacts to the project schedule and address scope and budget changes.

This course covers how to easily identify warnings, solutions, and drivers for tasks using Task Inspector, how to address repetitive tasks by creating a recurring task, and how to inactivate tasks that are no longer necessary to the project. This course also covers ways to inspect a project plan by grouping, filtering, and displaying the critical path.

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Advanced Scheduling Management with Project recognize how to use Task Inspector to examine scheduling problems create a recurring task recognize how to inactivate a task in Project group tasks and resources within a project plan use filters to view project information recognize when to use the critical path tools in Project use Task Inspector to resolve a scheduling problem modify tasks in a project plan use grouping and filtering to modify the view of a project plan Duration: Advanced Reporting and Management Tools in Project Project comes with many enhanced features and tools that help project managers report on project status and carry out project management tasks with ease and efficiency.

This course covers several of the advanced tools you will use to communicate project status and streamline your tasks, such as the visual reports, enhanced copy and paste, and the Compare Projects feature, which allows you to compare project files and produce an informative comparison report. This course also covers the procedure for recording macros, which will allow you to save time on repetitive tasks.

Advanced Reporting and Management Tools in Project create a visual report using Project edit an existing Visual Reports template copy and paste data between Project and another Microsoft Office application create a comparison report using the Compare Projects feature create a macro using Project recognize how to edit a macro in Visual Basic record a macro for the steps involved in creating a visual report Duration: Getting Started with Visio Microsoft Visio is a powerful diagramming program that provides users with a diverse set of pre-drawn stencils, shapes, sample drawings and templates for illustrating complex ideas visually.

In this course the various features of the Visio interface will be explored. You will also be shown how to access and use templates, shapes and stencils for creating contemporary looking diagrams. Once the diagrams have been created, this course will also demonstrate how to manipulate, align and connect shapes to achieve professional looking results. Individuals and business users with basic computer literacy seeking proficiency in the use of Microsoft Visio Objectives: Cette question semble encore un peu saugrenue aujourd'hui.

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Nouveaux modes de lecture. Nouveaux partenariats. Histoire et avenir du livre. Sur quoi et comment lira-t-on demain? Quelle place pour le livre audio? Annexes II. Lecture publique et patrimoine: Education artistique et culturelle: Grandes lignes du sommaire I. PDF, p. En aval: Au sommaire 1. La Mine, http: Il est revenu en Blog http: Les Editions du NEF, septembre http: Qui vend?

Les e-mutations du livre: Klog http: La seconde analyse les usages des manuscrits. Le commerce du livre en ligne. BBF, t. Bibliograhie-webographie eduscol. Braillenet, janvier http: Proposition Acteurs influents: Menu principal Rechercher.

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Site principal Accueil. Chapelle Sixtine Visite virtuelle: Grotte de Lascaux. Animation nationale. De quoi parle-t-on? Histoire et avenir 3.

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Politiques mises en oeuvre 4. Aspects techniques 5. Supports nomades 6. Aspects socio-culturels 8. Trois usages principaux: Le concept d'ebook Une infographie traduite par Nicolas Lorenzon sur le site Liseuses. Plan du dossier: Quels objets? Au sommaire de ce guide: Comment obtenir des ebooks?