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Remember these words because you're gonna need them. Here, refresh your memory: Looking for more brand buzz?

McDonnald's Inc.

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Leave a comment. The song was Check Google, the compound word version gets hits while the sentence with words separated, commas gets over 30, hits.

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Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun. Peppa my brotha Anotha for your motha Double double super-size and don't forget the fries Leeds Are Going Up Chant. Instructions to verify your updated email address have been sent Thank you! Um, this is not one word, it's a fifteen-word phrase. Back to the Conference Chant. Burnley Eyes Chant.

I honestly care very little about this extended discussion that is taking place about the proper placement of an advertising slogan, but I must make one point. The aggregate number of hits that a particular phrase receives on Google does not speak to the validity of a word's usage.

If monkeys gave notarized statements that they wrote Shakespeare's plays, that doesn't mean they did. Good lord, what an asinine discussion. Are we sure of the run dates for the jingle?

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I was born in , and clearly remember hearing it on TV spots when I was st or 2nd grade Devtrash The result of the debate was move. Seen this already?

Talk:Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.

There is already some debate on this issue above. Let's put this issue to bed with consensus. It is my contention that the current name of this article has little utility, it being unlikely that someone would type into the search engine the 71 letter title, because the name does not follow the normal conventions of English, appears incongruous and silly to a native reader of English and because precedent shows that the punctuated name Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun is far more common through internet searches.

When the name is cited in more serious sources, it appears in the punctuated form, see, for example, [1] , [2] , [3] , [4] , [5] , [6] and [7]. Google returns unique hits for the punctuated slogan searched with quotes around it , [8] , whereas the unpunctuated text returns unique google hits.

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There is a stated rationale in a prior discussion above that the copyright of the name appears in the unpunctuated form. No evidence is provided and, in any event, I think the convention and use, rather than the company's copyright choice in , should control. There is also some discussion that the slogan is intended to be read or sang quickly and the name should mirror the manner of articulation.

If this were a good basis, then all manner of articles would need idiosyncratic spelling in order to conform to the manner their names are pronounced. There was some minor discussion of this move during the AFD debate -- Fuhghettaboutit In the second line, the article says "Although shown here properly punctuated Having no verb, it shouldn't be followed by a full stop.

How To Order Mcdonald's Like A Boss! (Lyrics)

Less than five second you would recieve a Mc Donalds tee shirt with the saying or a Big Mac for under ten second. It was a promotion back in the early 70's. If one were to recite this phrase at any McDonalds counter, in less than 10 seconds, a free Big Mac would be rewarded.

There were local high score lists of the shortest times for saying the phrase - not sure if there was any "grand" prize. Sorry, no source for this reminiscence: Snograt talk here This phrase, or word as some claim, was also paraphrased in the movie [Coming to America], where the main character's love interest's father operates a fast food restaurant called McDowell's.

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They server the same burger - except their buns do not have seeds. Note how there are no tomatoes mentioned in the ingredients. So, I'm going to take that banner off that says there are no sources.

The Big Mac Chant Challenge Is Back And You Should Absolutely Take Part

And I find it pathetic that two women didn't know the pledge of allegiance after saying in school everyday for 18 years. ForestAngel There was definitely a version in the 90's that had Charles Barkley in it. Pretty sure it was in