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Pro tip: If the selection spans multiple lines it won't replace your current search expression.

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Combine that with Replace , and you can quickly update everything that's wrong in seconds. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Regex to the rescue. If you use Microsoft Word, you have even more options. What does greedy do? Here's how.

I'm completely puzzled as to why there is no keyboard shortcut for that "In selection", espacially since there is for all other options! Do I really have to move my hand to the mouse to enable that? Seems to go against all ST stands for TheStoryCoder yeah it's dumb that that's no keyboard shortcut, but it turned out to be easy to make one, except the name of the command wasn't documented but I got lucky and guessed right. Here's the code to add to your user keybindings: A note for other people who were confused like me: If it wasn't for that problem, I wouldn't have even searched for a solution and found this post.

BTW I seem to remember that problem wasn't there before, so maybe after a reboot or something it'll disappear.

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If your selection includes a line break, the "within selection" button will be automatically activated - on ST2 The smart activation has been lost on ST3, unfortunately. It's now possible to bring back this functionality by using: How do I invoke it automatically when it doesn't include a line break? For examples when you have a really long line that spans many "rows"? Everytime I have that line selected and invoke search, it disables the "in selection" option. Here's what you need to add to your user keybindings: The keybinding already exists by default.

Sublime Text 3 - Configuration Mac

Wonder why I was missing it, then Does anyone know a faster way of doing this?! Oliver G Oliver G 1, 9 Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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According to the doc ( I just Thanks, and how would i do a find and replace on multiple docs (ex. + U, Soft undo; jumps to your last change before undoing change when repeated + F, Find. ⌘ + ⌥ + F, Replace. ⌘ + ⇧ + F, Find in files. ⌘ + I, Incremental Find.

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How to Find and Replace Any Text in Your Documents

Ship custom analytics today with Keen. Package control is typically the easiest way to do this kind of thing: Here's two I added that I'll want to be running together: Remove All P's", "command": Run the new command! Easy cheesy. Alex Wigmore.

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3 Tips to Make Sublime’s Find and Replace Your Best Friend

Regex to the rescue. What sublime theme are you using Chris?

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Its so clean and simple! Joe Zimmerman. Material Theme https: Permalink to comment June 8, Chris Passmore. What is the theme used in the first image package install and last image run new command? Permalink to comment June 10, Permalink to comment June 14,