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I thought the source code was in files named "source code". Even the kbps version of Stairway to Heaven comes in at around 8 MB, so I'm not sure how you calculated that 5 songs in. It would probably be closer to about 20 regular songs. I just double-checked a random Judas Priest song ripped from a CD in my library. I don't remember exactly which one. It was just shy of 15 MB. I do remember that it was not one of the really long ones, though.

Around four minutes. Bitmapped graphics take a lot of space. Those old games to save on space did a lot of tricks to save space. Such as using the same bitmaps and switching their color pallets around to make them a different creature. Lowering the resolution and color depth so you can store less. Just flipping bitmaps vs having different animations for the opposite direction assuming the graphics would want to be asymmetrical, like holding a gun in one hand.

Less in depth background, often it is just setting the background. The NES only had 64K of addressable memory. Only a fraction of that was available for games. Super Mario Bros used a 32KB cartridge. More than 64K of effective memory on a cartridge was possible with bank switching up to 1MB, switched in at 32K at a time , but Super Mario Bros did not use that.

They were real programmers, i. Pay the current developers of Tux the same and you would see the difference. Hardware limitations will tame bloat like nothing else. However, given some memory and CPU coupled with a drop-in framework for just about anything imaginable and the growth quickly becomes exponential. It's easy to get there and beyond when you start adding-in things like a physics engine, many times the screen resolution, quadruple the bits for color, support for several different screen layouts, etc.

As I've earned about as much as th. So how come when I download a Super Mario Brothers rom it's 3. No, wait. I cannot testify to know for sure except to conclude that there is either additional information in that rom file that is not part of the game itself or else you may be talking about some other game entirely. If I were to speculate what is going on with your rom file is that since the maximum possible cartridge size that the NES hardware even supported was 4Megabytes, the rom file you possess may simply be a trimmed im.

At least I have a clear recollection of it being discussed and I believe the conclusion was that some of the devs are doing great things still. So, I checked Google. This news article is 4 hours old: I have no idea. You seemed both knowledgeable and interested in the subject and I'd recollected people talking about pushing memory limits in a prior thread so I hit up the mighty Google and found an example of a new game so that you'd not think I was a total lunatic. I'm only part lunatic. Yeah, it's higher resolution and might contain more colors on screen, but it's rather ugly as most FOSS games go.

The OP also fails to account for the fact that the game and its libraries have to do in software a lot of the things NES did in hardware. They should have some sort of thing for handling bit colours in native silicon. Maybe you could even use 8 of the bits for a transparency channel. Someone get on that. I don't think you understand how hardware sprites worked in the good old days. Hardware sprites typically had a limited number of colour slots. If you had 4-colour hardware sprites, your pixels would have values of 00 blank , 01 colour 1 , 10 colour 2 and 11 colour 3.

Colour swapping of hardware sprites just mean redefining colour1, colour2 and colour3. I imagine that both Mario and Luigi are a bit bloated by now. FFS, how often do you see old and skinny plumbers? They rescued the princess, settled down, had three shit-for-brains children, plus they drink wine and eat pasta all day. Of course they're friggen bloated! You would be too.

I enjoyed playing Supertux with a younger family member some years back and have some good memories of the game. This includes some of the addons and the early developments into the forest levels with advanced features that were fun. Firstly, why can't the development team put together a single website with up to date info about this game?

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However, no information is left on the other websites that explains where the current stuff is happening or which pages are now obsolete. It would make a lot of sense to clarify this even for people just downloading the game. What the hell happened to Nolok? Did he really get replaced by a yeti as the main evil guy as also in the unrelated game SupertuxKart?

Of course, you can't have Penny saved after world 1 if there are other worlds afterwards now. The same as what happened with the rest of the project, it kind of stalled. There was a lot of development after Milestone1, but that never converged into a finished release and then staled, developers left, new joined, etc. Nolok is still around and maybe one day I or somebody else will implement it, but there really isn't enough coherence in the development at the moment for that.

Here is an animation test [seul.

Google turns up http: It's strange the summary doesn't link it, although I guess it might have risked diverting some clicks to the phoronix page. Open source versioning is "somewhat" standardised and I am glad that they are sticking to it 1. It actually makes sense. The other versioning scheme that makes sense is for ongoing software by year and date release, such as Ubuntu releases.

The first several levels, yes. Then it jumps the shark with overly complex levels nearly impossible way too early in the game. The gameplay, physics, and graphics are all great.

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It's just not a fun game because of the inconsistent difficulty level. What an uninspired POS This [wikipedia. One guy in the middle of some podunk area of South Asia who doesn't want to make any money at all can turn out an insanely stupid and insanely popular game in a couple weeks by himself. Open Source games are going to fail repeatedly. Without artists and story tellers guiding your way, your design by committee games are going to continue to suck. You can't just hack shit together to make a work of art. What you write doesn't make any sense. You write about open source games, give related examples, and somehow conclude that "Linux fails as a desktop".

First of all, Linux also has Steam, with games.

Just yesterday [gamingonlinux. And last Saturday, Slashdot mentioned [slashdot. Nowadays, open source games have little to do with Linux failing as a gaming platform. How do these help argue against the quality of open source games? How does the presence of a bad game make Linux fail as a desktop system? There are countless of games that are equally shit on both OS X and Windows, are you declaring those useless now, too? They are a lot more advanced than many cities in "middle America".

Hardly something you would call a podunk area.

supertux 0.1.2

Moreover, the guy who did Flappy Bird which I assume is what you are talking about was able to become successful due to his marketing efforts more than any coding skill or "viral luck". Mod parent up! He explains well why simple games like Tetris and Candy Crush will never be popular.

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Jul 15, Generic Linux x86 Installer; Gentoo Linux; Debian GNU/Linux; Ubuntu; SuSE Linux; Universal binary; PPC only May 16, The x versions series is meant to show of new features of the This is an unstable development snapshot of SuperTux released on April 11, http:// Apparently, there are Mac binaries out there called version Mac OS X (universal).

No story line, no 3D graphic artists, no big explosions, etc. There's the problem If you look at the credit list for the recent release of Starcraft , there are tons of artists and relatively few programmers. Wow, that's definitely not true. Art gets hacked together all the time. Look at the recent Star Wars movie, it's a rehash with elements hacked in from all over the place.

In architecture, look at the spires of Chartres Cathedral for an especially clear example. In painting [nationalgallery. Define, if you will, "fails as a desktop.

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I'm genuinely curious as to why you think it has failed. The number of users is irrelevant to me. I have plenty of Windows licenses and the means to buy as many as I could ever possibly want. I don't even dislike Windows. I used it for years while Linux sat mostly idle on a spare partition.

A new stable release

Oh God, a whole 80 MB? Stop trying to chainload devices under UEFI and improve the help people get in the case of a platform mismatch Devel Properly support source based built grub-mkfont binary. Jramirez desarrollostec. Please feel free to sign up for a user account. Sure, this is all "wastage" and you could just encode a bitmap font. Mod parent up! This [wikipedia.

I'd boot to it, update it, poke a little, and then return to Windows. As a systems and software architect by profession, I'll chime in. My metric for success is the satisfaction of all of four constraints:. Now I think it is not hard to see that Linux-as-a-desktop-system easily meets 2 and 3. As to meeting 4, many p.

Those sound reasonable but I'm not really sure that 4 is required for success. It'd be nice though. As I recall, aren't there only a few actually certified OSes out there? I haven't looked in years. And, again, how very odd. I fully understand your love for Solaris. I was the proud owner of a Sun shop, including workstations, for quite some time. Heck, they've probably got some Sun blade servers sitting in the server room to this day. I sold and retired about eight years ago. My pet wish is also to be able to install on a separate hard drive - Steam allows it - which only requires all the aforementioned distros to make an amendment or special case for that.

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Modified Paths: A separate dependency -package is available on SuperTuxKart's sourceforge page, which -includes all necessary libraries, header files, and dlls to -compile and run the source code. While compilation with cygwin is not officially supported, this has been done check with the forum for details. It will still require that all dependencies are installed as explained on the wiki. Supporting Mac OS X Install all updates for OS X. Download xcode 2. Installing XCode. Download Fink from http: Installing Fink.

Run selfupdate.